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David Sherry | Statement  2017  |  Click here to view C.V.

My work includes performance, drawing, painting, video, sculpture, and sound. I am interested in performative ideas relating to everyday life. Many of my ideas uncover thoughts and opinions that underlie the public face of etiquette or small talk. I often reflect on cultural codes, asking questions of basic learned behaviors: What is work? What is success? What is respect? What is a living? What is happiness? 

Performance has inspired my work for the last twenty years. Live performance is not only a means of expression, it is also a process of research and development that enables me to push my practice forward continually.

Central to my approach is ‘play’. I use the different processes of my practice to understand what influences behavior and opinion. Many of my works aim to find a space where artworks can process ordinariness into a source which is meaningful and creative. 

Some of the themes that influence my thinking are aspirations of social and monitory success, classing others and self positioning through ideas of wealth and ownership. One recent conversation about moving to ‘A better postcode’ has stuck in my head and relates to recent works like ‘Get Cancelled’ ‘Selling Receipts’ ‘Total Crap’ and my recent ladder performances and sculptures. 

In recent works I have painted background banners that relate to the themes of the performance, giving the audience statements and symbols that relate to the live work. Many of my recent works have taken on the structure of a stand-up set, a sketch show or a variety act. In these works I can incorporate a wide range of influences and opinions, from the comedic at one moment to an absurdist work at another moment.